When Your Home Might Need Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are not just for the very wealthy, as a homeowner can get custom curtains, blinds, and other such features very affordable. These pieces can add style to your home and also offer the light blockage and privacy you need from window treatments. If you're not sure if custom window treatments are the right option for your home, consider when it might be good to consider talking to a curtain maker or custom blinds installer so you end up with the window treatments that are a perfect fit for every room.

Control over sunlight

As said, the right window treatments should offer the control over sunlight coming into a room that is best for your needs. The challenge to finding window treatments at the store is that these needs will be different for everyone! You may want curtains or blinds that completely block the sun when closed or that help block light from a nearby streetlamp or traffic, but which don't seem overly heavy and cumbersome when opened. On the other hand, you may want partial light filtering during the day, to reduce heat and stuffiness in a room, while still getting lots of bright sunlight in your space. Custom window treatments can ensure that you have the control you need of sunlight coming into a room, whether that's just partial blockage or full darkness.

Oddly shaped windows

Trying to cover oddly shaped windows with standard curtains or blinds can be a mistake, as those window treatments might overpower the window or fail to cover it completely. They can also look out of place against those windows and seem obtrusive rather than attractive. It can be better to have custom curtains or blinds made that will fit that oddly shaped window exactly so that the piece looks cohesive and doesn't detract from the window in any way.

Eclectic decor

If your home's decor is a bit eclectic, meaning that you combine traditional and modern styles, or have a particular theme that is hard to match with window treatments, it's good to have custom window treatments made. Adding standard curtains or blinds to an eclectic space can make those window treatments seem out of place, and they may overpower the room itself. On the other hand, a custom curtain maker or blinds installer can offer suggestions on a neutral choice that will work with any type of decor in the space, or may help you choose something that is just as eclectic as the room's design!