5 Benefits of Using Metal Awnings Instead of Fabric Ones

Adding an awning to your home is a great way to enhance the exterior space and prevent too much heat from entering the building, but there are plenty of things to consider before you make your final decision.

Most homeowners will immediately assume that a fabric awning is the way to go; after all, these are both more traditional and more common, while also costing less money than metal awnings. However, there are a number of benefits that come along with fitting metal awnings that make them more than worthy of a higher initial price tag.

Here are just five.

1. Durability

No matter the type of awning you use, a low price isn't going to be of much use if they need to be replaced within just a few years. Fabric awnings just won't stand up as well over time as metal ones. They will warp with the wind, sag as time goes by, and are far more likely to tear if struck by a falling branch.

2. Easy Cleaning

Fabric awnings can be a real nightmare to clean. You'll need to take them down and then have them specially cleaned, and this will need to be done fairly regularly if you want to avoid any stains setting in. Metal awnings are far easier to keep looking their best. All you'll need to do is give them a quick wipe down to remove any dust, grime, or bird droppings.

3. Protection

The whole point of installing an awning is to provide protection from the weather, and metal awnings will work better during both rain and shine. Metal awnings block far more heat than fabric ones, so you'll find yourself enjoying a cooler place to sit during the summer; additionally, less heat will enter the home from that area, reducing your cooling costs. Metal awnings are also completely waterproof, and it's hard for holes to be made in them to let water drip through.

4. Superior Appearance

Metal awnings have a solid appearance that tends to look better than the more temporary appearance of a fabric awning. Better yet, they don't become discoloured thanks to the sun or maintain marks as readily. If a bird lands its droppings on your fabric awning, the stain might be there for good.

5. Improved Resale Value

So, metal awnings look better, last longer, are easier to maintain, and do a better job of protecting you from the weather. All these points mean that metal awnings tend to increase the value of a home. If you use metal awnings instead of fabric ones, they might end up more than paying for themselves once it's time for you to sell the property.