Choosing The Fabric For Your Curtains

When you decide to buy new curtains for your home you may be surprised by all the little decisions that are required when curtain shopping. One of the most important decisions you'll need to make is the type of fabric you want. There are several types to choose from, and you should consider both style and functionality when making your decision. You'll want your curtains to complement your existing room décor, but you should also consider how much privacy you want them to provide, whether you want to block out natural light and whether you want to be able to machine wash them. These factors will play a role in determining the type of fabric you should look for when choosing curtains. Here's an overview of four popular types of curtain fabric for you to consider:


Cotton has a crisp feel and is versatile enough to be used when creating a variety of different curtain styles, such as pencil pleats and ripple folds. It suits both modern and traditional styles and some cotton curtains can be machine or steam cleaned. Unlined cotton curtains will provide privacy and allow some natural light into the room, while lined cotton curtains will block out sunlight and help regulate the temperature of the room.


Silk curtains definitely have an air of luxury about them, and their aesthetic appeal is far greater than their practicality. Silk curtains are well-suited to bedrooms and can add elegance to dining rooms and formal sitting rooms, but you'll have to have them dry-cleaned to keep them looking great. Silk can also become discoloured when exposed to natural sunlight, so you may also want to hang a blind on the window to protect the curtain from sun damage.


If using natural fabrics is important to you, linen may be the right choice for your curtains. Linen curtains come in a range of colours, and they suit modern décor and rooms with a relaxed atmosphere. Linen curtains need to be dry-cleaned and are prone to creasing if used with tiebacks. They let in lots of natural light, so if you like your home to be flooded with light even when the curtains are drawn, linen allows for this.


Polyester is a budget-friendly and durable fabric choice for curtains. It keeps its shape well, doesn't tend to crease and can often be machine washed, which makes it a great choice for curtains in family homes with young children. However, polyester does have a tendency to absorb odours and it's flammable, so it's not the best choice for kitchen curtains.

Choosing new curtains can be fun and they can really freshen up your home, but take time to consider what fabric is right for your lifestyle.