Emerging Trends that Determine which Plants to Stock in Your Nursery Business

Running a plant nursery business requires basic gardening skills. However, running a profitable nursery business needs more than just gardening skills. As environmental awareness continues to make its way into the mainstream population, so has the number of environmentally conscious homeowners. Therefore, your ability to stock a variety of plant species in light of current and emerging trends will determine the success of your business.

Reduced Pesticide Use -- Nowadays, society believes that a clean environment is everyone's responsibility. Therefore, as society moves towards a pesticide-free environment, nursery business owners need to show their support. Stocking and supplying garden plants that are resistant to pests is the first step in the right direction. For instance, you can stock basil, lavender, and lemongrass as these do a good job at repelling pests. Your clients will not need to spray their garden plants with pesticides to keep the bugs away.

Shrinking Landscapes -- As people continue to move into urban Australia, lot sizes continue to shrink. Nevertheless, the need to decorate landscapes and gardens has not waned, especially with millennials taking up property ownership. Putting this into consideration, it is upon your business to supply your clients with smaller garden plants that can survive multiple seasons. Additionally, such flora should serve multiple functions. For instance, perennial herbs like basil and parsley as well as edible flowers are great examples of useful ornamental greenery. They beautify the landscape and are edible.

Ecological Restoration -- Environmentally conscious clients understand that non-invasive plants are in demand currently. Therefore, they prefer plants that will not become a nuisance to other plants in ecological restoration endeavors. As such, ensure that your stock of non-invasive plants is adequate, especially those that lack climbers and suckers. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should completely avoid selling climbers to such clients. You can advise them on other non-invasive climbers that you might have in stock such as Morning Glory and Clematis.

Reduced Care Time -- Environmentally aware clients do not mind spending time maintaining their gardens and landscapes. However, that does not mean that they prefer spending every three days tending to their plants. Time has become a scarce resource to everyone; therefore, your efforts to stock plants that require minimal maintenance would be welcome. Perennials such as Sedum and Coreopsis are great because their flowers bloom into a variety of colors but still do well in extreme heat conditions. Make these types of plants available, and your customer base will continue to expand.

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