Important Details You Don't Want to Overlook When Choosing a Lawnmower

When you're ready to buy a new lawnmower for your home, you may get a bit overwhelmed with all your options when it comes to size, speed, and other extra features. Since there are so many different varieties and options available when it comes to mowers, note a few details that are easy to overlook, but which can make a big difference on how well your new mower works for your property.

Bagging, mulching

Choosing a lawnmower with an open chute will mean grass clippings that fly all over the lawn, and which can then stick to the side of the house or garage and wind up in your pool. A bagging mower will catch those clippings so you don't need to rake them, but note the size of the bag and whether it would get in the way when cutting around landscaping features or anything close to the house or garage. If your property has lots of narrow spaces, opt for a mulching mower instead; this mower will crosscut the clippings so they're very small and will settle between blades of grass, feeding your lawn.


If your lawn has lots of corners or rounded landscaping features that you need to work around, turning or manoeuvrability will be important. A zero-turn mower, where the top of the mower spins so you don't need to back up to turn it around, or one with a tight turning radius will be important for your property.


The more horsepower in a mower, the better its cutting abilities, as that power is needed to push the blades through thick grass, weeds and the like. However, the sharpness of the blades is also important; a stronger motor on a mower with dull blades probably won't cut as well as a mower with less power but sharper blades. When choosing a mower, note how easily you can remove and sharpen the blades and how often this is recommended. Opt for one with lots of horsepower but with blades that are easily accessible and made of stainless steel so they stay sharp even after many cuttings.

Height and view

Mowers with engines in the front usually have more towing capacity, so they're good for towing trailers of mulch, seeders and the like. However, note the height of an engine and if you could easily see in front of the mower while cutting. For those of a shorter stature, you may need a lifted seat so you your view is not obstructed.

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