Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room or Family Room

Having a large living room or family room in your home is great for accommodating the whole family on movie night or for entertaining a crowd without anyone feeling crowded or cramped. One drawback to such a space, however, is that it can be difficult to decorate; you might wind up with a room that seems empty and bare, or with one that actually has too many pieces, causing the space to feel crowded despite its size. Note a few decorating tips for larger rooms so you can avoid these mistakes and create a comfortable, attractive area for everyone.

Start with the sofa

In any living room or family room, it's good to start your decorating by choosing the sofa, as the sofa is often the focal point of a room. A modular sofa is often good for larger rooms, as its larger size is more proportionate to the space, and you can find one that curves or turns so that all seating faces the entertainment centre.


For a larger space, don't assume that you need an oversized coffee table, as this can easily make the room seem crowded and get in the way of foot traffic. Instead, you might choose something narrow but wide enough that it reaches across the modular sofa. If you need end tables, these should also be of moderate size so they don't compete with the sofa for attention and get in the way of traffic.

Filling in dead spaces

Dead spaces are common in large rooms; these refer to far corners or ends of the room without furniture or any visual interest. Avoid the mistake of just putting chairs in those spaces, as this can then make the room seem crowded. Instead, scale down your accent pieces and make that far corner or window an attractive space all its own. Large drapes and a few pieces of artwork may be all that's needed to make windows stand out, without crowding added furniture around it.

Palm plants are good for empty corners, as they add colour and height. Hang some small artwork on both sides of the corner, above the plant, to anchor it to the wall. For a long wall behind the sofa, avoid adding chairs, as this may seem out of place in a room with a large sofa. Instead, add artwork to the wall and a narrow buffet table to display knickknacks so the wall doesn't look unadorned, without looking crowded and busy either.

For additional info, contact furniture retailers in your area.