The Advantages of Using a Shower Door Instead of a Curtain

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building a new home, the type of shower enclosure you choose will make a big difference in your comfort level. A shower curtain may be the more affordable option, but there are many compelling reasons to choose a quality door enclosure instead.

A full shower enclosure with a sliding door might cost more up front, but the long-term advantages are well worth the cost. Just look at some of the reasons that shower screens are the superior choice:

A Shower Door Gives the Room a Sleeker Look

Even the most attractive shower curtain often detracts from the beauty of the bathroom. A high-quality shower door provides a sleeker look and makes the room more beautiful. Installing a mirrored shower door can even make a small bathroom look bigger.

A Shower Door Protects Your Floor from Water Damage

No matter how careful you are, it is easy for water to escape the folds of the shower curtain. A little water on the floor may not seem like a big deal, but over time the water damage could be substantial. A well-fitted shower door can protect your home from water damage and help you maintain the value of the property.

A Shower Door is More Durable

A shower curtain may be less expensive up front, but it will also be less durable. You may have to replace your inexpensive shower curtain after just a few years, and that could actually make a shower door enclosure more economical. A properly installed door enclosure can last for many years, so the cost may be less than you think.

A Shower Door Increases Your Privacy

If you have a large family and limited bathroom space, replacing your shower curtain with a secure door will make sharing more comfortable. Privacy is an important consideration, and a shower door provides greater privacy than even the best curtain.

A Shower Door is Generally Easier to Clean

Keeping a shower curtain clean and sanitary is often a struggle. Mold and mildew thrive on moist surfaces, and the folds of a shower curtain are the perfect environment for bacteria to live and multiply. Cleaning a shower door is much easier; all you need is a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels.

A Shower Door Can Improve Your Home's Value

Modern buyers take bathrooms seriously, and they demand an upscale look and feel. A quality shower door can improve the resale value of your home and make the property more appealing to buyers.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose a shower door instead of a curtain. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or starting a new construction, be sure to factor in the cost of a shower door into your budget.