Avoid These Common Mistakes When Having a New Home Built

When you're having a new home built, you want to take your time to consider every detail for that home, both inside and out. This will ensure you get all the rooms and features you want, and nothing is overlooked. This will also ensure you avoid some very common mistakes that many people make when working with a homebuilder! Note some of those mistakes here so you avoid them yourself, and end up with have a home that you'll love for years to come.

Overdoing it with security

It's often good to include a home security system in the plans for your new home, so your builder includes all the needed wiring for an alarm, lighting, and other components. However, when choosing your new security system, you don't want to go overboard and opt for the most expensive system, or one with features you may not necessarily need.

For example, you may not want internal motion detectors if you have pets, or if family members come and go at all hours of the day. A complicated system of codes and commands can also be a bit overwhelming for children and even some adults to learn! Choose your system carefully while the home is being designed, so you get what you need by way of security but don't overpay for features and plans you don't.

Not considering window styles

Consider all the window styles that are available for your home, and don't settle for standard single-hung windows that let in little light and air. Casement windows, which open on the side with a hinge, can let in maximum amounts of fresh air and light. You might also talk to your homebuilder about where to add stationary windows, such as under an elevated ceiling, over the entryway doors, or along a long hallway. These windows can let in more light even if you don't plan on actually opening them.

Not considering long-term maintenance

Before you decide on a flooring material, roofing material, and other such details, consider their long-term maintenance. Soft timber floors may be more prone to dents than a dense hardwood like teak, and a poured concrete floor may be even more durable! A metal roof is typically far more durable than standard asphalt shingles and won't need as many repair jobs. Look past the simple appearance of materials chosen for your new home and consider how well they will hold up over the years, and especially given your everyday foot traffic, standard weather conditions, and other factors that affect your home's maintenance and condition.

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