How to Upgrade Your Home's Exterior Security

Home security is a concern for many homeowners, especially for those who have very valuable items that may be prime targets for thieves; this includes expensive items in the garage, which can sometimes be more accessible and easier to break into than your home itself! You can invest in a high-tech security system for your property, and these systems can be effective in keeping out thieves, but there are many other things you can do to upgrade your home's exterior security as well. Note a few suggestions here, so you can ensure your home and garage are always protected and as safe as possible.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters over a home's windows can make them virtually impenetrable, as it's very difficult for thieves to pull these shutters off their tracks in order to access the windows themselves. You might also consider a roller shutter over the front or back door of your home and especially for glass doors; these types of shutters are commonly used for retail stores and banks as added security against someone breaking in through their doorways. Roller shutters over your home's doors can also mean far less risk of someone just kicking in a door or shattering a glass door to enter your home.

Garage door

A new garage door can mean upgraded security for anything stored in the garage. A door that opens by swinging out may be easy to pry away from the garage door's frame, even if it's locked, whereas a roller or sectional door may be more secure, as these doors usually run along a track inside the garage door frame. Regular roller door maintenance can also keep your stored items safe; rusted rollers are easier to simply break, as an example. Examining your home's garage door every year, or as often as necessary, and ensuring it's in good repair actually helps protect items you have in the garage.


Heavy-duty deadbolts on all the home's entryway are an obvious choice for keeping the home secure, but consider remote locks for the front and back door as well. With remote locks, you can double-check that you've locked the doors after you've left the home, and you won't need to fumble with your keys while standing on the home's doorsteps. Upgrading the locks on the garage door can also be a good choice; have a deadbolt installed on the inside of the garage door for added security, and choose an opener that changes the code each time it's used so that the code can't be copied and used to open the garage door.