Factors to Bear in Mind When Deciding on Flooring for Your Stairs

Although some homeowners may consider their stairs as simply a transitional structure that facilitates access to the top levels of their home, they can actually have a noticeable impact on the overall appearance of your interior design. Therefore, instead of not paying any mind to the materials that you use for the finish that they will have, you should carefully consider the type of treatment that would be functional and also blend in with your aesthetic. Here are some factors that you could bear in mind when deciding on what flooring to use on your stairs.

Be scrupulous about your choice of carpeting

Carpeting is a popular treatment Australians will put on their stairs is carpeting and for numerous reasons too. This covering makes your stairs more comfortable underfoot, especially if your house has multiple storeys. Moreover, carpeting is available in endless designs and colours, so you can be assured it would match your décor choices. Nonetheless, carpeting can also pose the risk of slips and falls, so you should steer toward the low profile varieties. Additionally, choose a carpet that is densely woven, as this would be better capable of handling the heavy foot traffic that your stairs experience. 

Maintain visual continuity in your home

Another important consideration when making a selection of flooring for your stairs would be visual continuity at the different levels of your home. If your choice of treatment does not match with the flooring in the various storeys, your staircase will end up being conspicuous and detract from the visual interest that you are trying to create in your residence. For example, if you have hardwood floors in your home, it would be best to stick to hardwood stairs too as carpeting could appear to be mismatched with the décor. In this instance, you would be better suited to investing a runner to minimise the risk of sliding on the stairs or leave them bare if you do not have any small children running about in the house.

Get experimental with your landing areas

Just because you have to make sure that the floor treatment of your stairs matches with your interior design does not mean there isn't any room left for creativity. Homeowners that have constructed switchback stairs can greatly benefit from choosing to make this design a focal point in their home. A simple example of doing this would be by using a different floor treatment on the walk line between the flights of the stairs, which would mark the transition to the upper level. If you have sufficient space, you could even create a reading nook in between your U-shaped stairs.

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