Common Materials used in Designing Outdoor Blinds

As much as you may want to spend more time on your patio, balcony, or veranda, the sun's rays can make this experience uncomfortable. You need a reliable and effective solution to blocking UV rays, strong winds and rainfall.

Luckily, outdoor blinds are designed to provide this type of protection for both home and commercial spaces. Businesses such as restaurants rely on outdoor blinds to provide their customers with a comfortable outdoor experience.

There are many different materials that are used to design outdoor blinds. The material choice will influence the type of blind, its effectiveness and how it functions on a daily basis.

PVC Plastic

PVC plastic is a durable, yet flexible material for designing outdoor blinds. Commonly used in traditional style cafes, blinds made from PVC plastic are capable of blocking out the sun while maintaining your view of outdoor areas.

They come in various sizes and designs to suit multiple outdoor spaces. For example, retractable outdoor blinds can be made of PVC plastic to provide protection when in use, and to retract and close the blinds when not needed.


Timber is a convenient and stylish material to use for designing outdoor blinds. Timber is sturdy and durable against strong rays from the sun as well as strong winds and heavy rainfall. The material can also be styled into many different looks such as outdoor louvers, roller blinds, and retractable designs.

Timber also provides a natural and warm feel to the outdoor space. It is a popular option for homeowners who are going for a stylish appearance to their home because the various tones and shades of the wood can be mixed and matched to achieve different outlooks.


Canvas is most commonly used in designing outdoor roller blinds. These blinds are very convenient to use because their height can be adjusted to different levels, depending on the current weather conditions. Canvas provides a light, flexible, yet tough material to use for such blinds.

A pulley system can be attached to canvas to retract the blind upwards, or extend it downwards as desired. Canvas can also be used to design motorised outdoor blinds that work via a mobile operation.


Glass is a commonly used material for designing stylish outdoor blinds. For example, venetian blinds use glass to provide a flexible material for varying how much light comes in. The glass is surrounded with stainless steel frames, and a manual or motorised mechanism can be used to control the movement of the blinds. The glass can be customised with a wide selection of colours and artwork that will complement the overall look of the home.