6 Ways To Clear The Clutter On Your Kitchen Benchtops

There is something relaxing about a beautifully surfaced kitchen bench, clean and gleaming and free of clutter. The problem is how to get that open space.

More kitchen benchtop space will help you get organized when cooking. Giving you space to prepare all the needed ingredients and place everything neatly in a row ready to use. Rather than feeling cramped and hectic as you cut up the next vegetables for your stir-fry, while already frying the others. More space will help calm the cooking process.

Here are some suggestions on how to go about doing this.

Kitchen Appliances

While kitchen appliances can be beautiful in their own right, an array of varied appliances, from toasters to blenders, can take over your kitchen benches. Why not designate a specific appliance cabinet to keep everything organized? Make this in a convenient spot for easy access. After all, these appliances were usually not designed to work together, and often just create visual noise. One good exception might be the kettle or coffee machine. A good rule of thumb is, a cup of coffee or tea should be handy at all times. 

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

Investing in an over-the-sink cutting board will increase your bench space for relatively little expense. You can either order a custom-made version for your sink or purchase one ready-made. Some include strainers, mixing bowls and other bits and pieces which will definitely help you get organized when cooking.


Microwaves are bulky appliances monopolizing huge amounts of bench space. Look around your kitchen and consider where you could relocate it. For instance,to a shelf on a kitchen island, or to an open shelf elsewhere.

Wall Storage

Depending on the design of your kitchen, you might have some wall space suitable for hanging pots and pans or other utensils. This popular DIY design option provides plenty of different hanging systems, including wall mounted rail-and-S-hook systems or individual hooks. This will free up cabinet space for you to play with. 

DIY Shelving

An easy fix might be to simply attach a ready-made shelf to the wall using wall brackets, a much simpler job than constructing extra cabinets.  

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are the ultimate multifunctional furniture item. You can get them in countless shapes and designs. They are the perfect bench and storage solution if you are craving extra space.

Giving Things Away

One major part of any de-cluttering process involves giving away or throwing out not needed items. Do you really need that ice-cream maker from five summers ago?

These are relatively quick fixes you could get done across one weekend. By next Monday, you could have that cleaner streamlined kitchen to relax in and cook in with joy. You can get this just by making a few simple changes.