Choosing the perfect awning for your home

There's nothing hotter than the Australian sun; across the country, people are turning to awnings to make their homes and gardens more liveable and comfortable. So how do you choose the perfect awning for your unique home environment? Read on to find out.

Where on earth to start?

When you start shopping around for awnings, you'll be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. With such a wide array of materials, styles and colour schemes on offer, finding your perfect fit is a matter of focusing on exactly what you're aiming to achieve. So take a moment to examine your awning site, the movement of the sun and your design style.

Your awning site

Outdoor living is a given in Australia, and awnings are used in a diverse range of ways.

Bringing shade inside

Strategic use of awnings involves positioning them to shade the parts of the house affected by the hot Aussie sun. Awnings can help to keep your home cool inside, cutting back on your cooling bill and making your home much more comfortable.

Barbecue and entertaining areas

Perhaps the most creative use of awnings is to block the baking sun from patios and outdoor entertaining areas. A well-positioned awning will increase the usability of these precious spaces so you can enjoy the good life all year round.

Swimming pools

There's nothing more delightful than a cool swim on a hot day, and a well-shaded pool is just the thing to protect your family from harmful UV rays. Positioning an awning to shade one end of your pool is the ideal recipe for relaxation.


Providing a deliciously cool environment for your car, a shaded carport will allow you to make that quick trip to the shops at the height of summer while still keeping your cool.

Plotting the sun

Before you take the plunge, take a little time to watch the path of the sun over your home. Understanding the way the sun travels around the areas you're aiming to protect will help you choose the perfectly sized and positioned awning to deliver the greatest effectiveness when you need it most.

Your awning style

Finally, it's time to choose your perfect style from the many colours and materials available. From no-nonsense utilitarian awnings to strong coastal awnings and eminently chic designs, you're sure to find the ideal awning to suit your home.

With an incredible range of awnings on the market, take a minute to find your perfect fit.