4 Reasons Every Cat Owner Should Have Flyscreens

Having flyscreens fitted on your windows is the best way to keep flying bugs out of your home, which is useful as they can be such a nuisance. It's especially useful in the summer when you can open your windows and let some fresh air in without worrying about pests invading.

Although that's the main reason you'd choose to have flyscreens, there are actually other benefits you can gain from them. If you have a pet cat, you might find having screens over your windows particularly helpful for the following reasons.

They prevent contact with dangerous insects

Cats are natural hunters, and their instincts mean they'll chase and catch anything that moves if it's small enough. That makes flying insects attractive to them.

Some insects bite or sting, while others can be dangerous if the cat eats them. Either way, your pet will be much safer with something keeping them out of the house, so they're not able to get their paws on them.

They keep your cat inside

Some people let their cats outside on their own, but if you prefer to keep yours indoors for safety, it means you can't have any windows open wide enough for the cat to escape. With all the windows shut, it can get hot and stuffy indoors.

Retractable flyscreens let you open your windows up so you can get a nice breeze, and the cat will still be safely inside with no means of escape.

They keep your cat's food and litter tray hygienic

Cat litter trays and leftover food will quickly attract flies, especially in hot weather. That's bad enough in itself, but they'll also lay their eggs, which hatch out into maggots and, eventually, you'll have even more flies.

Keeping on top of cleaning helps, but it's a constant job to ensure there's nothing to bring flies inside. Screens stop them from getting in to begin with, so you won't have a problem.

They stop larger animals, too

If you've ever had to deal with a bird or rodent that your cat has killed or injured, you'll know what a horrible task it is. Although it's less of a risk while cats are indoors, small animals can still make their way into your home, especially when you have the windows open.

Flyscreens stop bigger animals as well as insects, so it's far less likely your cat will leave you a nasty surprise when they're in a hunting mood.