3 Reasons to Choose a Gel Mattress Over a Memory Foam Mattress

Most people are now aware of how memory foam mattresses perform. In case you aren't, memory foam is slightly elastic, so it softens and moves around your body to provide excellent comfort and support. It's easy to think of memory foam as the newest thing in mattress technology; in reality, we have a new contender: the gel mattress. 

Gel mattresses are actually quite similar to regular memory foam. In fact, most are made from memory foam, but with gel microbeads added. Adding those microbeads produces several key benefits, so here are just three reasons you should choose a gel-infused mattress over a regular memory foam mattress.

1. Better Heat Distribution

If you've ever slept on a memory foam mattress, you've probably noticed that they tend to get a little hot. The problem here is that memory foam pulls heat away from the body but doesn't very effectively dissipate it. If you're a hot sleeper to begin with, you might experience trouble getting to sleep. During warmer times of the year, you might find yourself waking up covered in sweat. That's both uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Gel mattresses solve this problem. Microbeads create extra space for air to flow, so more heat is taken away from the body; better yet, the gel itself absorbs and dissipates that heat, so you'll feel cooler. In fact, there are two types of gel mattress for different types of cooling. Thermally-conducted gel mattresses always feel cool to the touch, while phase-changing mattresses keep to a certain temperature range.

2. Stronger Support

Another significant benefit of gel mattresses is the added support. Gel microbeads make the mattress denser. As a result, you won't feel like you're sinking as deep into a gel-infused mattress as you would into a memory foam mattress. For some people, this is simply a matter of comfort; for others, it's more important. If you're on the heavier side, memory foam might not be ideal because sinking so deep will rob you of the support you need. The added density of a gel mattress could be just the ticket.

3. Faster Reshaping

Finally, gel mattresses respond faster than memory foam mattresses. If you upgrade from a memory foam to a gel mattress, you'll be amazed at how quickly the new one reshapes around your body as you move position. If you're the sort of person who moves around a lot during the night and struggles to get comfortable, a gel mattress is probably the right choice.