6 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Shade Sail for Your Home

During summertime, people like to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the weather. But while outdoors, you need protection from the sun. With the addition of shade sails to your outdoor space, you can add style and sun protection to your home. Shade sails are versatile and give you the ability to customize your sun protection.

But before you purchase and install your shade sail, consider these six important points.

1. The level of sun protection

How much sun protection do you need? If you only want to block some of the UV rays from the sun, then a light and less expensive shade sail will be enough. However, if you need better UV protection for your children or pets, then you'll need to purchase a more expensive shade sail with the appropriate UV protection.

2. The regularity of use

If you don't plan to use your outdoor area all the time, a permanent placement probably won't be right for you. Instead, you can use a pulley system that allows you to take your shade sails down when you aren't using them.

3. The other weather elements

Some areas also need protection from the rain as well as the sun. If rain is an issue in your area, consider opting for PVC shade sails. These will offer both sun and rain protection. Remember that wind is also sometimes a factor, so be careful when choosing anchorage points.

4. The availability of anchor points

Where will you anchor your shade sail? Check your yard for appropriate anchorage points. You can anchor your shade sail to your home and to nearby trees. But if there are no suitably secure points, then you'll need to install posts. These posts will need to be embedded in concrete to provide a stable and secure anchorage point.

5. The time of use

Since the sun moves throughout the day, be sure to decide when you're most likely to use the area under your shade sails. This will allow you to position your shade sails accordingly. If you don't take time into account, you may not get the level of sun protection you want from your shade sails.

6. The availability of space

Space is important too because if your shade sails are too large for your outdoor space, the area will appear cluttered. For small spaces, go with smaller triangular shade sails since these take up less space.