Two Tips to Follow When Buying Your First Awning

Here are some tips to follow when buying your first awning.

Pick a retractable one

Whilst there are plenty of places in which it is easy to have a permanent, non-retractable awning, many people find retractable ones very useful. For example, if you get this awning to not only provide shade and some sun protection but also to be a decorative item, then you might be considering getting a brightly coloured one. If you do this, you should get a retractable one, as whilst you might foresee no situation in which this cheerful-looking awning would cause an issue, there may be occasions on which you might prefer not to have such a vibrant decorative item in your outdoor area.

For example, if you ever have a garden party with a specific, muted colour theme, then you might find that this awning's fabric clashes with the other décor in the area over which it hangs. In this situation, it could be useful to be able to retract this awning until the event is over.

There are several other benefits associated with retractable awnings, too; for example, if the awning is over your deck and you want to put some clothes out to dry on a sunny day, having a retractable awning would mean you could eliminate all of the shade from this area and allow the sun to shine on and quickly dry all of your garments.

Think about what you'll be using the awning for before choosing the size

You should also give some thought to what you'll be using your awning for before you choose its size. For example, if you want this awning mostly to keep the sun out of your eyes when you're laying out on your deck and reading, it might be best to get a fairly small one that just covers the area in which you sit and read, rather than the whole deck. This would mean that on those days when you want to sit in the shade and read but another family member wants to hang out on the deck and sunbathe, you could both do this at the same time.

Conversely, if you and your family members suffer from heat sensitivity or are all very fair-skinned and get sunburnt easily, then it might be best to get a large awning that will shield most or all of your outdoor area from the sun. This would allow all of you to go outdoors on sunny days and get fresh air, whilst still staying cool and protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.