Why Blinds Make The Most Sense For Children's Rooms

When it comes to creating the perfect room for your children, most parents focus on the flooring and layout of the room, rather than some of the fixtures that come with it. After all, those items are quite important and knowing where the bed will be in relation to the door and how much play room your kid will have are all good things to plan out. However, that does not mean you should forget about the little features. Blinds are an important aspect of any room, and if you haven't fully decided on what window covering to get yet, then here are a few reasons you should consider blinds.

Out Of Reach 

For very young children, having curtains can be quite problematic because they will try to grab onto them and rip them down while playing. Or perhaps they will try and express their creative genius and colour on the curtains. Blinds, luckily, are out of reach of small children and by the time they can easily grab hold of them, they will be more than old enough to (hopefully) not be too violent with them. If you want a safe and smart choice that you won't have to keep washing or replacing, blinds are a must.

Stronger Construction

Blinds are not wilting daisies, far from it. They can take quite a lot of punishment without ripping, tearing or breaking in any significant way. The best part about them is that if they do get damaged, often you can change out the slats without replacing the whole system. There are also a range of different types of blinds, so if you do want to look for the strongest available option that will take your child through to early adulthood and even beyond, then you have far more versatility than with other window coverings.

Adjustable Brightness

Sometimes children will want to have a bit of light but still be shaded from the heat of the summer sun. Blinds allow them to play in their room without their ceiling light on and with adequate ambient lighting. Curtains are very one-size-fits-all in that they are either open and let in a full range of sun from the top to bottom, or they are closed and block out almost the entirety of the exterior light. While good in some rooms, for children who spend a lot of time awake in their room and playing during the day, curtains does not fit their needs.